How to roll the perfect sleeve:






How to take care of your shirt:


Washing: Cotton and linen








We recommend all our cotton and linen shirts are washed at 30’c or on a cold wash.  Use non-chlorine bleach always and if you have a stain, we recommend using Vanish to remove this. 



Once the wash has finished, remove the damp shirts from the washer and place on the line to dry naturally.  We do not recommend our shirts are tumbled dried. 








 When pressing our shirts, we recommend using a good quality starch spray.  Always use a medium iron with plenty of steam.  For dark colours always iron inside out, this protects the face colour from discolouring and fading.






Silk shirts



We recommend a good quality dry cleaner for all our silk shirts.  As silk is a delicate fabric extra care should be taken when pressing, a quality dry cleaner will know how to expertly press the garment.  If your silk shirt just need freshening, we recommend hanging it in your bathroom when taking a shower.  The steam in the room will allow the creases to fall out and freshen the shirt. 100% Silk is a natural fabric, that regulates the body temperature, so when you wear a pure silk shirt, you should always remain cool, calm and collected!


Cotton/cashmere mix shirts



We only recommend washing these shirts on a cold wash, if you were to wash these at anything above 30’c then the fabric will shrink, due to the cashmere content.